Who We Are

Nestigator is built entirely on the acumen of sharp, experienced, and nimble minds free of dogmatic thinking. We are successful entrepreneurs, designers, improvisers, but most importantly, we’re human beings inspired by the challenge to make things better.  For us, Nestigator is a chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of all those searching for that one in a billion  including ourselves. 
From creating multi-million dollar businesses from scratch, to building the digital products that make up the backbone of what companies like Yahoo and (  _ )  use on a daily basis, our leadership team has experience both broad and deep in creating compelling, relevant digital products. Lest you think were just a bunch of tech dweebs, we don’t disappoint: our team brings many hidden talents youd never guess, but without whose nuanced influences Nestigator would not be the disruptive, forward-thinking group that we are.
Go ahead. Get to know us here. 
Jerry Slavonia. lorem ipsum Founded Campus Explorer, led Rent.com to get sold to eBay. 
Other investor dude. Lorem ipsum. Lorem ipsum. 
Ad agency guy. Knows his way around a brand or two. Nike, Apple, TBWA. Heard of them? 
Chris Hartman. Yahoo. 
Lorraine Molina. That one app. 
Lisa Tufano.
Joey Kantor.