Our Philosophy

Home. Its what we work for, come back to each day, and live our lives in. Whatever shape it takes, it’s something we all want. But more importantly, it’s something we all need. Despite the billions spent in the home search industry each year, navigating its twists and turns has historically been a disaster — for renters, buyers, and even the agents that help make it happen. And its only gotten worse. 
Nestigator was founded in 2014 with one simple, unifying goal: make [it] [finding that one in a billion home] easier for everyone. By focusing on what really matters  finding a true sense of place, driven by a real connection with the local factors and voices that make it what it is, and the peace of mind you get from knowing you’ve got the most comprehensive set of listings available in the world  we’re taking the pain out of something we hope can be fun again (or for the first time, perhaps).     
Keep up with us. This is just the beginning.