Buying and Selling a Home is one of the most important financial decisions in our lives. It is also a huge social decision for each of us, as we consider the impact of adapting either to different cities, towns, neighborhoods, friends, schools, and amenities, or adjusting to leaving some of those things behind.
Luckily for us, we all have a trusted ally waiting in the wings to help us evaluate this decision. A smart, hard working, technology savvy partner ready to guide us at any step along the way. These professional Real Estate Agents are experts on their local area, and can give us valuable insights and information that sometimes can’t be found using online searches alone.
Keep up with us. This is just the beginning.
Nestigator’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned business, technology, and real estate professionals. Our company is based in Pittsburgh, PA and was launched in 2014 with the vision of making Home Buying and Selling easier by creating a technology platform designed to connect Consumers with local professionals ready to assist on demand.
What differentiates Nestigator from the crowd is the commitment of our NestigatorAgents. Our 250,000 plus agents contribute daily insights and new content to local markets, nationwide. They demonstrate a commitment to excellence, and share information in real time. They embrace technology, as over 2 Million Consumers have experienced already on Nestigator.
Leadership Team
Chris Hartman. Chief Executive Officer
Preston Pope. Lead Developer
John Hathaway. Director

We're changing how people find their perfect nest. And we're having fun doing it.

We always want to meet smart, out-of-the-box thinkers. Real estate is primed for smart changes and we want to be the ones to make them. Our team is wicked smart, but we’re also well-rounded and like to make things fun. It is, after all, more fun to make those changes when you’re having fun.
Want to join? Have a think and let us know. We’re looking for folks in these general categories, but fear not - we also celebrate skillsets that don't easily fit into one box or the other.


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Without robust data, there's no value. Our data is robust, updated daily, and always growing.

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Over a million people have used Nestigator and it's growing daily.

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3 million homes are listed on Nestigator and ready for you to find them.

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Easily connect with, manage, and organize a personalized network -- whether you're looking for a home yourself or helping someone find one.

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